Moose Scoops Ice Cream

Hello and welcome,

First of all, thank you for stopping by our site! Allow us to introduce ourselves.

We are Bryan and Suzanne Flagg. We live, work and play right here in Warren, NH, along with our daughter Sierra and our two Chinook dogs, named Pemigewasset, Pemi for short, and Echo. 

Located in the Western White Mountains of NH, Warren, with its population of under 900 people, is at the beautiful foothills of Mount Moosilauke. Mount Moosilauke, at 4,802 ft. elev., is one of New Hampshire's 48, over 4,000 foot peaks. Thus came our legal name of Moosilauke Junction, LLC.

Late in 2013, we purchased the property that Moose Scoops Ice Cream now sits. Under foreclosure at the time we purchased it, the big old house and its barn, once, the Roman Catholic Church in town, was in pretty rough shape. We decided to take the house down and renovate the barn into some sort of a business venture. When we finally decided to make it in to an ice cream and souvenir shop, work started immediately and has been underway since.

As with any new venture, there's always more which needs to be done, and this being no exception, will be an ongoing project!

We want Moose Scoops to be a fun place for people to stop. Along with some of the area's best soft and hard ice cream, we also have a designated pet friendly area where people are able to walk their "leashed" dogs and allow them to get a drink of water. You'll also be able to sit at a picnic table and enjoy the surroundings with your pet. Of course, we'll also have baggies and a place for people to put the doggie do-do into also! Ask for your little doggie cone when you order yours!

You can order your ice cream at our take-out window, or stop on inside to order and take a look around our gift/souvenir shop. We have t-shirts, mugs and a variety of other NH and Moose related items!

Our goal is to make this an enjoyable visit for you, whether you live here, camp here, or as you simply journey through our beautiful area.

Again, thank you for stopping by........

Bryan, Suzanne & Sierra Flagg