Camps & Groups!

‚ÄčMoose Scoops Ice Cream

This form can be used to have your orders already written when you arrive or

you can pick one up when you do arrive and fill it out as to

save time and not have to have everybody in your group wait in line.

We'll call your name when your ice cream is ready!

As always, we look forward to serving you.

Moose Scoops Ice Cream Shop is a place where we enjoy

seeing old friends and making new ones!

We just love welcoming our local

kids camps, busses and larger groups!

We have plenty of parking for busses, RV's, vans, ATV's, motorcycles, and well,

just about anything other than

large jumbo jets!

We even have .pdf print outs (below),

where you can print out our flavors, a menu, and even a form to make it

easier when you arrive!

Or, these forms are available

when you do arrive, just ask!

As always, if you have any questions at all,

just give us a call at 603-764-9134.

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